Soccer Stats Phone Gallery

Soccer Stats Phone is the best iOS app designed to keep track of key soccer (football) game stats. It provides super quick stats entry so the coach can focus on the game and the intuitive display provides at a glance game overview and game log.

Ideal for the casual and serious competitive and club coaches as well as recreational coach and parents.

  • Intuitive stats capturing (with undo), review stats and game log
    • Keep track of game clock
    • Keep track of key stats including:
      • Free Kick (FK)
      • Corner Kick (CK)
      • Penalty Kick (PK)
      • Shot on Goal
      • Save
      • Goal scored
      • Offside
    • Visual indicators for stats counts (yellow=1, green=5, red=10)
    • Game Summary view
    • Game Log view
  • Game Management
    • Start New Game - Erase any stats and start a new game
    • Start 2nd Half - start clock for the 2nd half
    • Settings Screen: Set Half Length - Select from 25', 30', 35', 40', or 45'

How to Start a New Game:
  • Launch app
  • Select half length using the Settings screen
  • Select Start Game from the menu option when the game starts
  • Enter stats and switch between teams using "Us" and "Them" buttons
  • Use "Undo" to undo the last entry only

Requires iOS 9.