Log Your Car Maintenance Records and Track Overdue Services

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Car Logbook



Track your car's details and the recommended maintenance schedule.


Track your services such as oil change, tires, tune-up, battery, brakes, and gas fill-ups.


Track overdue and upcoming services based on the car's maintenance schedule.

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Cars Tab


Maintain and view a list of the cars. Use the '+' button to add a new car and its details: year, make, model, license plate number, and VIN.

Update the recommended maintenance schedule to receive reminders about overdue and upcoming services.
Some services are based on the calendar, such as an oil change every 6 months or replacing the battery after 4 years. Other services depend on the car mileage such as tires, brakes, and tune-up.

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Logbook Tab


Use the logbook to track maintenance records sorted by car. Use the filter at the top of the page to view records for the last 3 months, last 6 months, last year, or all records.

Use the '+' button to add a new log record. Add date, log type, mileage, cost, vendor, and service details.

Log records include current odometer reading, oil change, new tires, rotate tires, new battery, tune-up, brakes, smog check, alignment, and others (track your own service).

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Reminders Tab


Service reminders include overdue and upcoming reminders. The reminders are calculated based on the maintenance schedule defined for each car in the Car section.

Date-based maintenance is calculated based on the last service date compared to the current date.

Mileage-based maintenance is calculated based on the mileage from the last service and the most recent logged mileage. Use the maintenance type 'Odometer' to update the car's current mileage.

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